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Friends and partners

The following people and institutions are recommended for their commitment and performance in the development and realization of sutainable forms of human living, science, production, arts, economic and social development

Sebastian Scott /ZM Partner in LIFT Zambia, Owner and manager Orchard organic farm, perma-culture, trainer

Barbara Stehl/DE/ZM Educator school-book writer, gender specialist, computer trainer

Nico Bieger/DE Bee-keeper, Agro – Engineer, FLO  FAIR inspector

Ute Fischer/DE Social Worker, Integration of migrants in Germany

Siegfried Hermann/DE KIPEPEO BIO&FAIR trader of tropical fruits, deacon

Barbara Ruyssenaar/NL Urbanist, regional planner

Bridget O’ Connor/ZM specialist for organic farming and organic certification

PAMP-Consult/ZM/CH Education of medical personnel and rural development focussed on livestock and nutrition

Chileshe Chilangwa/ZM Manager and administrator of rural development NGOs,

Opa Kapijimpanga/ZM Geologist, developer  of appropriate technology,

Stephen Kileo/TZ Forester, NGO-Manager, Land-use planner, dairy farmer

Fr. Didas Kasusura/TZ Msc Environmental studies, Priest

Wilfred Miga/ZW/ZM Agricultural Bachelor, specialist for training in organic farming and perma-culture

Mary-Jo Kakinda/UG Economist, NGO-manager

Enda Burne/UK Sociologist, DELTA Trainer

Monique Schoeffel/CH/F Sociologist DELTA Trainer

Herrmann Anell/ZM President of Projekt Direkt

Adam Goulding/ZM Geologist, Activist in fossile tracing, caving and WECSZ

Joseph Weltin/ZM Food technologist, Food related  logistics in Southern and central Africa, Rancher and Butcher

WECSZ/ZM Wildlife and Ecological Conservation Society Zambia

WWF Deutschland World Wildlife Fund Germany

WWF/US/ MPO/US World Wildlife Fund, United States, Macroeconomic Program Office

ANW/DE Arbeitsgemeinschaft Naturgemaesse Waldwirtschaft, Association for organic forestry

Bio-Fresh Production, processing, marketing and whole sale of FAIR and ORGANIC produce from Africa and the tropics

AGEH/DE Human Resource provider for catholic over-sees development projects

Brot fur die Welt/DE Protestant development organization

Misereor Development organization for the global South by the German Episcopal Conference

Renovabis/DE Catholic Development Organization for Eastern Europe

Estelle Taylor/CA/UK Journalist, Editor

Hildegard Hogen/DE Germanist, Editor

Norbert Schmitt/DE Artist and web-designer

Eva Bambach/DE Culture pedagogue, Editor

Christian Bertram/NL Arts Historian , manager of Bleekestijn

Uwe Horst/DE CEO of Horst Heiz-und Regeltechnik equipping labs and production with control regulation and process temperating Ref: CERN

Prolicht/DE Andreas Diehl, Physicist, CEO of ProLicht, equipping buildings with steering and regulation, light steering etc, Ref: Airport Bremen Uwe Schnatz/DE Porcelain painter, artist, web-designer, photo-paintings and video-art

Christa Bauer/DE Biologist, pedagogue, inventor of the Forscherwerkstatt ( researchers work shop) a tool-kit for interesting science teaching in school

Juergen Schoenherr/ DE Tool-Maker, Science teacher, head-master inventor of the SEA method to train teachers in science teaching and teacher-coaching

CFU/ZM Conservation Farming Unit , promoting large scale conventional conservation farming

Anne Bertram commercial correspondent manager in photo-agency

Marek Patzer/ ZM Photographer, expeditions and (motor-) sport rallies Ref: Camel Trophy Malaysia

Barbara Klinger /DE Event manager OPEL

Astrid Kraigolsen Kille/ SA Photographer, Author of Photo books, PR/Advert. -clip producer

Crisis Mr. Swagger/ZM African Hip-Hop, Rap and Popstar

Gabi Hoffmann/DE Mentalist

Siegfried Ziepke Gardener, Expert on wet-land reposition and reposition plants for water purification and retention areas