Organization Development

..can be a pain in the neck… particularly for those who get their work complicated
and suffer from a CERTFIED bureaucracy…

A good way to get work easier and a good quality management, whether ISO or just something tailor-made to have satisfied clients and beneficiaries and healthy colleagues in a productive company

– is to include them into the improvement process from the beginning.

Staff-qualification can be gained and assisted if there is good will.

We have good experience with such processes if people identify with the overall benefit of the company. If not-, that will be visible in the participatory process we facilitate and is a clear indicator for crucial stumbling blocks of progress.


Networking and coordination of networks

… can be a futile mission impossible…if a co-ordinator is assigned to co-ordinate other’s business asking for information and reports with nobody seeing a benefit for their work…

A good way of networking is rendered as a service for joined ventures of parties interested in a result benefitting their department.

We make successful networking just by facilitating and assisting joined projects full of tasks and work instead of anemic co-ordination-meetings and -boards talking theory and wasting time.

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