Die Studie des Öko-Instituts zur Rettung der Wälder des Hessischen Rieds

Glosse: Warum Bäume pflanzen so lieb ist    Why tree planting is so cute

Climate Change is unavoidable : Let’s focus on the right measures

To get the dimensions right, Climate History in a nutshell shows, the dimension  of CO2 historic  forcing in climatic changes and looks at the discussion as an important vehicle for  public awareness-raising in order to gain the necessary momentum for the global economic shift towards ecologic sustainablity.

Carbon is one important indicator for sustainability

A study by WWF/PELUM (Bertram et al.2009) using Carbon Efficiency and Profit as indicators for Land Use methods in the Miombo Region of Africa
shows, the unutilized potential of conservation farming in combination with methods from organic and conventional agriculture, and the way to realize the potential.

A practical trainers manual is available as book supporting training of trainers with modular syllabuses on organic conservation farming, utilizing the rationalization, energy and soil saving techniques but also tackling typical challenges like weeds and pests with simple but effective tricks tested for many years under small-scale conditions.